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Ribbons of Water, Threads of Light


Our cultures are braided, woven, tied and threaded, bound together in links as unbreakable as the strongest chain, because they are forged in the fires of spirit. They find expression in the most fundamental aspects of our lives: ribbons adorning medicine shields and wheels, binding our hair, hanging fringed from our shirts and dresses; threads woven together into blankets and shawls and traditional dress, strung across small hoops of red willow to protect our dreams.

With Wings’s latest set of works, he brings together all of these motifs and meanings, paired ribbons of water, threads of light.

They look identical, but there are slight differences. Sone variance is automatic, of course, with silverwork wrought by hand; by definition, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. But Wings assures that as a fundamental part of his work, so that each and every piece is unique in some small way to its wearer. These two, although made from sterling silver triangle wire in the exact same size and style, were milled to produce slightly different effects. The first has been flattened slightly more on the sides to produce a thinner, sharper-edged cuff; the second has edges that are beveled the tiniest bit, smoothing and narrowing them slightly. The two are so delicate as to look very nearly like bangles, and, indeed, they wear much like bangles: They may be tightened to hug the wrist tightly, or worn loose to rest gently atop the base of the hand, where they sing in soft tones to the rhythm of the wearer’s movements.

The one displayed here first embodies the ribbons of our lives, particularly the silvery one that serves as the breath of life and even life itself. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:


Spirit Ribbons Cuff Bracelet

Ribbon shirts  and shields and medicine wheels are adorned in the sacred colors of the earth spirits: the winds and the sacred directions, of the elements, of the sky and soil and plants and, yes, the waters. With this slender cuff made of hand-milled and -rolled sterling silver triangle wire, Wings brings together three silver ribbons, tributaries that form one long cascading current. At the center, the river peaks in a long solitary wave, ebbing into a still waters on either side. The band is 6″ long and 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Another view shown at the link.

Sterling silver
$125 + shipping, handling, and insurance


The second one represents the threads: tangible threads that weave together that which we hold and carry and wear; threads of light that link us to other worlds by way of heavenly spirits and celestial dreams. From its description in the same section of the same gallery:


Spirit Threads Cuff Bracelet

They are the stuff of dreams, spirit threads that form the warp and weft of vision and ceremony like slender, fragile filaments of light. Wings weaves them together in this delicate new cuff, the slimmest strand of solid sterling silver triangle wire, hand rolled and milled to three delicate threads in one: one raised to catch the light, two flat ones to hold it, their edges gently beveled downward for a smooth fit. Band is 6″ long by 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Another view shown at the link.

Sterling silver
$125 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Because of their slender size, these are listed well below Wings’s usual price points. They are delicate in every way . . . and yet, they hold all the strength of the metal from which they are forged.

They are like our own ribbons and threads in that way: fragile as a ray of light, strong and steady as the water . . . and as eternal as both combined.

~ Aji










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