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Red Willow Spirit: Blues of Storm and Shadow, the Work of Golden Light

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Have you ever seen one of those images, editing status always eternally unclear, of layers upon layers of mountain peaks rolling off into the distance, all blanketed in darkening layers of blue?

Here at Red Willow, such images are real.

It is a trick of light and distance and elevation too, of the clarity of the higher air coupled with the haze of an inhabited valley. But there are days here, especially now, when the  bright turquoise sky is the least blue part of our world.

in a world of primary colors, the blues are the gift of the golden light.

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It’s not only the peaks, of course, that turn from verdant greens to midnight in the bright light of late afternoon; it’s the earth itself, too. What earlier was all pale brown tones rimed with silvered yellows turns warm and reddened in the face of the light, while those patches of earth untouched by its gaze move from brown to blue so dark as to be nearly black, a bit of early nightfall across the land.

Gifts hide in the shadows, secreting themselves away from unwary or uncaring eyes, showing themselves only to those with the time and patience to seek them out.

Sometimes it’s merely a new path, a line pointing the way forward, a departure from one’s existing route. Sometimes it’s a directional arrow, drawing the eye to something otherwise missed.

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Sometimes it’s an image of the spirits, katsinam dancing in the lowering light, having found a way through to walk again in this world for a moment or two.

It is, of course, that time of year: those days, weeks, months when the darker hours rule longer, when the night and the cold weaken the barriers between the worlds, when some cross early and others return. They are enabled in their endeavors by the blues of storm and shadow, the work of golden light: powers working in concert to illuminate even as they conceal, to disguise even as they unmask.

They are deceptive, too, these colors and clouds, seasons and shadows.

Valley of the Shadow Resized

Sometimes, such deception works in our favor, if only we are attentive enough to realize it.

Because when the blues of the storm and the golden light come together to dance, they create whole new worlds. And what looks like the valley of the shadow?

Valley of the Sun Resized

May be, in reality, the valley of the sun.

The light is magic, but so, too, is the dark: Night and shadow and storm alike are what show the illuminating work of the light for what it is.

And as the light falls lower, its golden angles shorter and companion midnight shadows longer, we learn as if anew to appreciate its power. Magic, mystery, and medicine for the colder winds: This is their time, and it is good.

~ Aji









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