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“Red Earth Spirit” Necklace. $1,925. SOLD.

In the languages of the Algonquin peoples, Miskwaki means “Red Earth.” Our last horse, a red-paint Indian pony, is named Miskwaki, a tribute to my language, his color, and his red earth spirit that matches the coppery soil of this land. Wings honors the strong fierce spirit of this horse, a red and white fire pony whose mane shimmers with silver, with this, the latest entry in his signature series, The Mona Lisa On the Rio Grande, an evocation of the Maiden spirits who sustain the people and the land. In this iteration, her head and face are formed of a fiery cabochon of flame-red agate, its translucent banding reminiscent of the ancient soil strata of this place of red micaceous earth. The stone sits gently in the embrace of a scalloped bezel trimmed with twisted silver, overlaid against a phenomenal setting in the form of her traditional tablita headdress, hand-milled in a feathery, flame-like design and edged on all sides with feminine crescent-moon stampwork in a repeating pattern. On the reverse, the tablita is edged with more chased stampwork in a flame-like flowering pattern, as is the center opening on the reverse of the bezel itself, its center excised via delicate ajouré cutwork to expose the translucent beauty of the stone to the light. Atop the back, an overlaid Indian paint pony, cut freehand and hand-stamped with dozens of strikes of a tiny jeweler’s hammer to create his pinto coat, races wild and free over the arc of the bezel. The pendant is suspended from a bail stamped in elemental matched thunderhead designs to point to the cardinal and ordinal directions, and hangs from a hand-strung strand of glossy carnelian nuggets. Pendant hangs 2-7/8″ long (including bail) by 2-7/16″ wide; red agate cabochon is 1.5″ across; strand of carnelian beads is 19″ long (including findings) (dimensions approximate). Full view of reverse and close-up views of front and reverse shown below.

Sterling silver; red agate; carnelian
$1,925 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Front close-up:




Reverse close-up:









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