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“Red Arrow” Traditional Knife. $280. SOLD.

Arrowhead Knife 2014

A stunningly variegated chert blade is the focal point of this handmade traditional knife. Fashioned of mulberry-colored siltstone shot through with warm gold-colored inclusions and tiny quartz-like flecks in deep reds and purples. Dried sinew fastens the blade securely to the deer-antler handle, which is set at the end with an old natural piece of turquoise in melded blues and greens. The handle is wrapped and looped with a deerhide thong. Overall length (including handle) is 5-1/8″; the blade itself is 2-7/8″ from tip to end of tangs by 1-3/4″ across at the widest point; the handle is 3-1/8″ (all dimensions approximate).

Siltstone chert; deer antler; deerhide; sinew; turquoise
$280 + shipping, handling, and insurance

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