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Recalibrating Power


There is still fire in the willows, albeit golden now, in the sun’s rise and set, in the wings of the painted ladies who still dance upon the winds around us.

And there is ice upon earth and pond in the morning, a lower-altitude companion to the snow atop the peaks.

That is the nature of this season, all oppositional elements and elemental opposition, diametrically opposed forces arrayed against and yet curiously in concert with each other.

It is a time of recalibrating power, and powers, plural, too: a time when elements and seasons alike push and pull at each other in in their quest for primacy. And for us, it is always, always, about adapting, about finding balance.

Thanks to the events of the last couple of days, I am forced to pay much more consistent attention to the need for balance, too. Too much fire will burn me alive; too much ice, and the body freezes to death. And yet both are necessary to the world’s survival, and to our own.

As with yesterday’s post, today’s featured work was already set at the week’s outset. It is, however, another one especially apt for my personal circumstances, and a reminder to me to heed its lessons as well. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Fire and Ice Cuff Bracelet

In the interstices inhabited by the elemental powers, Spirit catalyzes fire and ice, bringing them to life in our world, their full strength and power yet held back: a reminder that if we are careful, we may use their gifts rather than be consumed by them. Here, Spirit’s Eye traces the length of the band of this heavy-gauge cuff, accented on all sides by traditional symbols. At the center, two fiery garnet cabochons flank three larger oval stones: snowflake obsidian, representations of ice born naturally of the union of earth and heat and flame. Companion piece to the Fire and Ice solitaire ring in the Rings Gallery [note: ring is sold].

Sterling silver; snowflake obsidian; garnet
$725 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Although this week is supposed to see the continual return of more unseasonally high temperatures, the fire is fading fast now. La Niña year or no, we will see ice and snow and bitter cold before the year is out, and likely before month’s end, too. It is a time to prepare, to make ready for the hard months, the short days and harsh nights of low light and and a lower mercury, a time of storms and stress upon body and spirit alike.

The key to surviving the moons whose light holds a harder, more brittle edge is in our ability to prepare, and to adapt. It is a time, especially, to recalibrate our sense of power: to seek balance, and to do our part to maintain it.

~ Aji







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