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Pollinating Light

Spring’s end, and we are still in the throes of allergy season here.

It’s grass pollen time, which is actually not so bad this year. We have this interminable drought to thank for that.

The drought has not much affected the trees, though, save to cause them to leaf later than usual this year. Which means, of course, that they are pollinating later than usual, too. Normally by now, we would have only the cottonwoods left to wreak havoc on our sinuses — and we have none of those on our own land — but this year, we are still dealing with the aspens and the willows.

At the moment, mention the word “pollen,” and you’re most likely to get exasperation in response, even from us.

But pollen is essential to birth, to growth, to renewal, to life itself. Without pollen to spread (and the pollinators to do the spreading), we would soon lose the plant life that makes our world not merely beautiful, but habitable.

And so perhaps it should come as no surprise that, among many of our various cultures and traditions, pollen is a material component of specific customs and lifeways. For many peoples, pollen is an integral part of prayer, as well: A pinch of corn or other pollen, offered in prayer to the spirits with the rising of the sun, is the first act of a new day, one intended to ensure its growth in beauty and harmony.

It’s fitting, too, that it should be offered to the newborn light. After all, it is the spread of the light that makes the day navigable — indeed, makes it day — and nurtures the growth of the world, too. On a symbolic level, it’s why we associate dawn with enlightenment, a process that bespeaks learning and growth— a kind of intellectual and spiritual pollination.

And in the light of this day’s pale rose sunrise, it makes today’s featured work, one of Wings’s newest, especially apt. From its description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Dawn Pollen Earrings

Dawn pollen is an offering made to the spirits for the day to come. Wings honors its medicine with these earrings in the shape of the pollen and the color of the sunrise sky. These bold drops are anchored by a pair of exquisite oval cabochons of rose quartz, highly domed and webbed with delicate transparent inclusions throughout their depths. The stones are set into low-profile saw-toothed bezels and sit on sterling silver posts. The pendants are formed from sizeable ovals of sterling silver, each hand-milled in a flowering, filament-like pattern reminiscent the stamen that produces the pollen in their real-life counterparts. Each pendant hangs suspended from the stones via its own trio of sterling silver jump rings. Each earring hangs 2.25″ long overall; the cabochons are .75″ long by .5″ across at the widest point; the pendants are 1.5″ long by .75″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Rose quartz cabochons are a soft, delicate icy-pink shade, slightly lighter than they appear in the photograph.

Sterling silver; rose quartz
$625 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Since this morning, the winds have descended, chasing out the wispy light gray clouds that conspired with a silver sun to turn the eastern skies shades of rose and pink and pale apricot. We now walk beneath a turquoise vault studded with puffs of white above the faint smoky haze that has settled over the valley. The remainder of this day will be windy and hot, even harsh.

But tomorrow, the sun will rise again in the cool morning air. People will venture out into this world renewed to offer dawn pollen in thanks. And around us, our world will grow and flower once again, in the nurturing beauty of a pollinating light.

~ Aji








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