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Pink Alabaster Miniature Bear Sculpture. $125. SOLD.

Furry Bear 1

Taos Pueblo master carver Ned Archuleta has coaxed a little “furry” medicine bear from this chunk of stone:  The hair of his coat is carved right into his body. This little guy is  This piece really shows the variability of pink alabaster:  All of one small block of stone, his face is nearly white, but from the ears back his body shows varying shades of rose, almost purple, in the stone’s matrix.  Inlaid bits of turquoise serve as his eyes, and his medicine bundle, tied on with the traditional sinew, is of turquoise and coral beads.  At a little under 4″ long, this piece is almost — but not quite — small enough to be considered a fetish; he fits comfortably in your hand, or on a desktop or mantel. Another angle shown below.

Pink alabaster; Sleeping Beauty turquoise; coral; sinew
$125 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Furry Bear 2









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