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Pilar Slate Rearing Horse Sculpture. $155. SOLD.

Pilar Slate Rearing Horse Front Resized

This wild mustang by Randy Roughface (Ponca) evinces power, strength, and character. Coaxed from velvety Pilar slate in a rich and rare chocolate-brown shade, he appears to smile as, mane and tail flying behind him in the wind, he gathers himself to rear up on his hind legs. When placed on an entirely flat surface, he’s perfectly balanced, his forefeet a fraction of an inch in the air. Horse is 5-7/8″ long by 3-9/16″ high by 1/2″ deep at the widest part of the base (dimensions approximate). Another view shown below.

Pilar slate
$155 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Pilar Slate Rearing Horse Back Resized








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