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Our World Still Flowers In Petals of Light

Petals of Light Earrings 2

It gets dark early now.

Not only that, but the sun is late to rise. Because I am usually up early, I now spend almost as many waking hours in darkness as I do in full light. And for the next two months, the space occupied by the dark hours will grow longer and longer.

Between yesterday’s winds and this morning’s bitter cold, it has felt as though winter is here already, warmth and light both in short supply.

At times like this, I have to work to remind myself that illumination is present even in the darkest, coldest hours of the year — that even now, upon an earth tending fast toward dormancy and night, our world still flowers in petals of light.

It is this time, this season, this entirely natural cycle that infuses Wings’s newest work, a pair of earrings completed only hours ago. They assume the colors of indigo hours, the shades of the storm, and yet they shine, lit from within by their own shimmering light. From their description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Petals of Light Earrings

Even when the days are short and the shadows long, earth and sky still flower into petals of light. Wings honors the blooms of the indigo hours, the subtle and essential glow of dawn and dusk, with his newest earrings, a traditional blossom design that shimmers in the shades of shadow and storm. They begin with the settings, an old traditional motif in cut freehand in the form of desert blooms, each dangling sterling silver drop an oval possessed of eight scalloped petals, all given a shimmering finish just slightly brighter than the softest Florentine. At the center of each earring, in a plain, low-profile bezel, rests an oval sodalite cabochon in brilliant cobalt blue, the hue as intense as that of Afghan lapis, the matrix as mysterious as the sky in a twilight storm. At the Four Sacred Directions sit small round cabochons of misty labradorite, silvery-gray with their own internal light; at the ordinal points sit quartets of bright rainbow moonstones, cool and clear and refracting spectrum, spectral blues. Earrings hang 1.25″ across by 15″ long (excluding wires); sodalite cabochons are 5/8″ long by 3/8″ across at the widest point; labradorite cabs are 3/16″ across; rainbow moonstones are 1/8″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; sodalite; labradorite; rainbow moonstone
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance

With this weekend’s new works, Wings marks a return to one of his old signature series, and to a traditional design much older yet. The stones for this pair were chosen specifically to evoke the power and beauty of the sort of light that resides in darker skies, and stormy ones, too. The sodalite is a more pure blue than any I have ever seen, only the slightest wisps and whispers of whorled matrix, all in muted blues; no pink or white to be found. They do look like fine-grade lapis lazuli, in both color and matrix. The labradorite is the gray of the storm, the silvery light that still filters through the darkest mass of clouds; the rainbow moonstone, the chill clear light of the autumn moon, pale but exceedingly bright on these nights when the air is so clear and sharp that it cuts like a razor’s edge. And the settings invoke stormlight and moonglow as well: pale shimmering silver, clear but softened around the edges, the sort of light that illuminates with cold fire, lighting the way but not hurting the eyes.

These earrings are wrought in a simple old style, but even their very simplicity is complex. They represent a flowering of tradition into a contemporary setting, even as they also symbolize a flowering illumination at those moments when the world seems darkest.

With full dark here now no longer very far off, it’s a reminder to let our eyes adjust . . . and then, to look for the light.

~ Aji





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