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“Offering” Concha Belt. $4,500. SOLD.

Offering Concha Belt Resized

Sometimes, a piece comes together in ways even the artist doesn’t anticipate, a symbolizing of the sacred that is greater than the sum of its parts. This concha belt is one such work. One dozen sterling silver conchas, rectangular in shape and lightly domed in repoussé fashion, are meticulously hand-stamped in an old traditional pattern: symbols that function simultaneously as representations of mountain peaks and as lodges, a protective medicine pattern that evokes the power of the mountains sacred to this place. Each sits around a hand-scored rectangle, in the center of which is a four-petaled blossom of very old natural hand-cut cabochons of Bisbee turquoise, representing the Four Sacred Directions. The edges of each concha are filled with tiny sacred hoops, each struck individually, representing the rain and water as life. The larger rectangular buckle is edged in an alternating positive/negative pattern of matched thunderhead symbols that, point down, represent the rain; point up, they embody the steps to the sacred space. The buckle repeats the same hand-stamped pattern of sacred hoops to fill the spaces to the edge; it also features a single larger rectangular cabochon of old Bisbee turquoise, deep blue with a gloriously bold pyrite matrix flashing hints of red. Instead of the usual sawdust, every stone is seated in a bezel filled with Native tobacco as an expression of thanks for that which is sacred: a permanent offering for every piece of silver and stone on the belt, and a permanent blessing for the wearer. All thirteen pieces are strung on a hand-made black leather belt stamped in a repeating buffalo pattern. Belt length is 46.5″; each concha is 2-1/16″ long by 1-9/16″ high; buckle is 2.75″ long by 2″ high; buckle’s center stone is .75″ long by .5″ high (all dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.



Sterling silver; old Bisbee turquoise; black leather
$4,500 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Note: Size, weight, and value require special handling; extra shipping charges apply


Close-up of conchas:

Offering Concha Belt Conchas Close-Up


Close-up of buckle:

Offering Concha Belt Buckle Close-Up


Alternate view of full belt:



Offering Concha Belt Full 2








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