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Of Squares of the Sun and Freeform Skies

Today we have two brand new featured works: a pair of rings, just completed by Wings only this afternoon. These are bold pieces that blend traditional elements with a contemporary feel, invoking the freedom and power of cosmic spirits and their singular refusal to be bound by the confines of human geometry.

The two are not a matched pair, although they share deliberate similarities of form and shape and spirit. The first evokes the deep red fire of the sun, dancing un a fall of shimmering silver light. The sun is not square, of course, no more than the rectangular carnelian cabochon that embodies it is, but its angle to our earth ensures warm and light and survival for us all. From the ring’s description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

The sun is no more square than the stone, but both make it possible to believe in a world with four corners. Wings summons the spirit of this ancient light in this ring, a sharply angular, yet high-domed rectangle of blood-red carnelian set upon a band of hammered silver light. The band is cut freehand in his signature scalloped design, then hammered by hand to give it a shimmering vintage look and feel. The carnelian cabochon, glossy and slightly translucent, hints at hidden depths as it rests securely in a scalloped bezel. The band is 1/2″ wide at the widest point and 5/16″ across at the narrowest point; the stone is 3/4″ long by 1/2″ wide (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Other views shown at the link.

Sterling silver; carnelian
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Of course, a sun would be of little use to us without a sky to hold it, to mediate its heat and filter its light. In a cosmos such as ours, the shape of the sky defies human description, much like the Skystone that brings it down to earth in the second ring. From its description in the same gallery:

Our world is just orbicular enough to stay balanced on its axis, and in an infinite universe, we live beneath freeform skies. Wings brings them down to earth with this new ring, a solitaire both bold and bright. The wide band is cut freehand in his signature scalloped design, then hammered by hand with scored of delicate strikes by a jeweler’s hammer. The stone is spectacular, an old blue turquoise cabochon from his personal collection: free-form, lightly domed, an electric shade of sky blue spiderwebbed with indigo and emerald green matrix and bits of golden-ivory host rock. The stone most likely hails from Nevada’s Fox Mine (the old Cortez Mine) or the Royston District, and is set securely into a scalloped bezel. The band is 7/16″ wide at its widest point and 1/4″ wide at its narrowest point; the cabochon is 7/8″ long by 5/8″ across at its widest point (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Other views shown at the link.

Sterling silver; old natural blue turquoise (likely Fox or Royston)
$625 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We live in a world delicately balanced; its survival, and our own, depends upon the heavens holding their own in the proper position. Today’s new works honor that balance, and the cosmic geometry required to achieve it: They are a meditation on the arcs and angles, a contemplation of squares of the sun and freeform skies.

~ Aji








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