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“. . . my favorite and my constant companion . . . .”

Some years ago, my habit was to wear armloads of bracelets that matched my outfits, and I was really tired of dealing with them. I noticed that a young woman whose look I admired had a single good silver cuff that she always wore, and I thought, I should look for something like that.

About that time, I became acquainted with Aji’s writing online, and I thought I ought to check out Wings’ gallery. When I saw the Thunderbird cuff, it grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. It was not what I’d been thinking of, but now I could think of nothing else, so I bought it.

I thought I was buying a beautiful silver bracelet and a unique piece of original Native art, and it is those things. I did not know I was getting a friend who would ride around on my wrist all day and listen to me, and remind me, from time to time, of good advice I might be forgetting about.

I make community-theater props as a hobby, and when I make animals, real or fictional, I am 3-D cartooning, but when the face goes on, that animal wakes up and has a personality. I can imagine that happening with Thunderbird when Wings added his eyes. He came to me woke in every way, and I am so glad of his company.

I’ve since bought many beautiful pieces from Wings, but Thunderbird remains my favorite and my constant companion.

~ Belinda in NJ

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