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“Mother Earth” Solitaire Ring. $350. SOLD.

Square Green Turquoise Ring Top View Resized

Like a parent, she nourishes and nurtures us, setting us the path of our daily lives, providing for our needs. Here, our Mother Earth is embodied in a rich green turquoise cabochon, sky and plant spirits melded together, mapped by her own paths of rich brown soil. Directional arrows alternating with symbols of love trace either side of the scored band. Cabochon is 5/8″ square (dimensions approximate); band is sizeable. Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; natural Royston turquoise
$350 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Square Green Turquoise Ring Left Side Resized


Square Green Turquoise Ring Right Side Resized

Square Green Turquoise Ring Underside Resized

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