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Morning Singer Katsina. $585. SOLD.


Hand-hewn by master carver Josh Aragon (Hopi/Laguna) in the traditional manner, out of a single piece of cottonwood root, Morning Singer emerges to call the dawn.  Most carvers create katsinam standing alone, divorced from the context of daily Pueblo life; showing the figure ascending the pine ladder to emerge onto the roof is one of Josh’s signature styles. Here, Morning Singer wears his traditional case mask and ruff, hand-painted in brilliant traditional colors and patterns, and carries an eagle feather.  He wears a blanket of the dawn sky, complete with shooting star.  Stands 7.5″ high from bottom of base to top of figure; 10″ to top of longest ladder pole (dimensions approximate).  Additional views shown below.

Cottonwood root; paint
$585 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply


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