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Monday Photo Meditation: The Prophetic Moon’s Call

Blue Moon 3 Resized

We are coming up on a celestial convergence of extraordinary beauty and power: a simultaneous blue moon, blood moon, and lunar eclipse to end the first month of the calendar year.

It seems portentous, somehow. It’s a characterization all too easily derided and dismissed as some sort of atavistic throwback — or it would be, but for the perils of the world about us now. Even in the bright light of midday, these are dark and dangerous times, times of prophecy in cultures the world over. When the dark descends, we hang onto the pale light of the moon for comfort.

But what of the night when her light is no longer pale, but the color of blood? What of the night when the earth’s passage casts her into the shadow?

There was a time, not so very long ago, when much of the world would have regarded this week’s events as a sure and certain sign of impending doom. In our ways, doom is rarely foretold, although trying times may be seen to lie ahead. Our ways, though, tend to see the future as a fulcrum, its form and shape very much a product of an if-then proposition: What we do today will dictate our tomorrow.

And occasionally, the spirits see fit to warn us in advance of the prospect of great upheaval.

We already know, of course, that upheaval is here; it has been for some time. Humanity’s collective behavior in recent decades has led inexorably to the seismic shifts we now feel, alterations in the landscape, in the very earth beneath our feet, so deep and so powerful as to shake the very foundations of the world. This is what we have done to the earth in the barest physical terms, but it is the crisis in our politics that risks cataclysm so complete as to send it spinning off its axis.

We have been fortunate here. Our small world is bounded by the mountains, its lifeblood carried along the rivers and streams. The whole vault of the sky is open and visible to us, and on nights such as these, a moon not quite full rests in the embrace of a blanket of stars. It’s easy — too easy, almost — to forget the perils of the outside world, to forget that the world itself is not merely fraught with danger but is itself teetering on a precipice of cosmic proportions.

Depending on one’s culture and worldview, we are about to be blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a celestial performance unseen in one hundred and fifty-two years. For our peoples, the last such event would herald a renewed push for our extermination, even as it presaged a renewal of indigenous prophecy mapped by the visions and dreams of elders and seers across the land. Many of our traditions teach that we are now in the final fire, the time of prophecy, the time foretold by those ancestors who saw our world in the moon and stars of their own night sky. It is a cold fire, yes, but one that burns hot in our collective spirits.

We believe that this is such a time. But we also believe as the Ancient Ones taught: that that which we do today will create the world of our tomorrow. This week, as Grandmother Moon changes her robes from blue to red and hides herself in the shadows from our sight, is no time for fear.

This week, the moon in all her guises calls to us to have strong hearts and brave spirits. The moon in eclipse calls us to rise up, to stand strong, to fight back against the dark. The blood moon calls us to survive. The blue moon calls us to our future.

It is time for us to answer the prophetic moon’s call.

~ Aji










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