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Monday Photo Meditation: The Color of the Light

Some days, it’s a bleak and wintry world indeed.

A new calendar year that began so full of promise has, for us, gone cold and dark in the blink of an eye. Yesterday morning, one of our dogs followed something to the road. In not much more than a moment, it was over, and our little golden girl was gone.

Our animals are all rescues; they find there way here when time and options have run out. So it was with her, on February second of last year, and once here, she never really left. She, like her siblings, was more than half-feral from spending the first two months of her life abandoned and fending off starvation, and she never fully lost that wild streak, either.

Even so, she was unusual, as dogs go: love in its purest form. Her spirit shone with the color of the light, as golden as her coat and her glowing amber eyes.

A day later, it reminded me of this image, one Wings captured on his old film camera a dozen years ago or more — El Salto in winter, peak shrouded in clouds in the color of the light.

It was a trick of weather, season, and time of day, of course: near dusk, when the fire of the setting sun gazed into the snow-clouded mirror of the eastern horizon and found itself reflected. It was, however, also one of the many gifts this land bestows, a blessing before the fall of the bitter cold of night.

On this night, despite the sun of recent hours, still shining low and hard in the west, gray clouds hang heavy over all the peaks. The warmth of the day has melted much of the snow on the ground, turning much of what only days ago was a robe of pure white into a slushy, muddy, ragged-looking blanket.

It’s fitting; my soul is ragged today, too.

But we planted a tree for her today, near enough that one day, if it takes, its roots will reach her resting place. And after yesterday’s unutterable bleakness, a coldness of heart and spirit that has left a big gray void in my soul, it felt as though we had connected with her beautiful little spirit once again, one that glows with the color of the light.

~ Aji







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