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Monday Photo Meditation: Summer Waters

Summer Waters Resized

Today was much hotter than the forecast predicted. Now, as the clock shifts to the evening hours, the rain has just begun.

For now, it is only a matter of light drops, but they are enough to lower the temperature significantly. If the radar map is accurate, however, they are the leading edge in what will be a week-long mass of storms, enough to fill our pond, now mud only, and send the local rivers running fast over their banks.

In a good year, these are the summer waters: high, exuberant, and readily refilled.

We are not always so fortunate.

This year has been remarkably dry, at least in the seasons one would most expect moisture. In the off-season, we had more snow than all of winter put together, and more rain, too. Now that the monsoons are here, we are mindful of the need to be thankful, even when the groundwater rises — or when, as happened over the weekend, the rain turns to ice.

For now, the ditches will fill, and perhaps even flow again; they will pour and pool into the pond, and the dragonflies will have reason to return. The river the runs through the old village will sing and dance, animated once again by the water’s own spirit. And the Rio Grande will run, high and hard and fast, dashing itself hard upon the rocks here, coursing over its banks there, as it races downward toward the dam.

Here at home, the collected water will sustain crops and fields, wetting the dry earth that the rain doesn’t reach. The Three Sisters, now young plants that fill the garden, need the help of both if they are to survive these hot days to mature in the cooler winds of autumn.

Now, the rain falls softly and the summer waters rise, each drop and ripple a song to honor the plants.

And as I look out the door, I swear I see the corn grow.

~ Aji








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