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Miniature Micaceous Pottery. $25-$35.

Track Mini Pots

Three of Taos Pueblo’s potters create affordable miniatures on a regular basis. All are fashioned in the traditional way from the Pueblo’s iconic micaceous clay: The tiny pots, bowls, and ollas are all hand-coiled in the same manner as full-sized pieces, their only ornamentation the glimmer of the native mica, and fired to varying finishes.

The pieces above and immediately below are by Wings’s cousin, Bernadette Track:

Track Mini Pot Trio 2

Still available: one wedding vase (not shown; $35); five pots — three plain; two horsehair ($30 each). Wedding vase stands 3.5″ high; pots range from 1-5/8″ to 2-1/8″ high (dimensions approximate).

Wedding vase SOLD


The classic bowl and fluted plate below are by Olivia Martinez:

Olivia Martinez Mini Pots 2

Both still available ($30 each). Fluted plate is 1″ high by 3″ across; bowl is 1″ high by 2.25″ across (dimensions approximate).

And the vintage-style pieces, reminiscent of functional pottery for daily use, are by Leatrice Gomez:

Leatrice Gomez Mini Pots 2

Olla is sold; pots at left and right still available ($25 each). Pot at left is 1.25″ high by 1.25″ across; pot at right, 1.25″ high by 1-3/8″ across (dimensions approximate).



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