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“Micaceous” Earrings. $175. SOLD.

The earth for which this place is known is micaceous, a rich autumnal red clay naturally infused with flecks of pure magical light. Wings strings together all the fall colors of rich red earth and light with these earrings of stacked and fiery jewels. Each dangling drop consists of a graduated series of rounds , anchored at the bottom with a single tiny textured bead of diamond-cut sterling silver. Rising above are small rounds of paired sunstone and fire agate, followed by medium-sized Dolomite rounds in mysteriously-whorled blood red. Near the top, giant single rounds of marbled Red Creek jasper in all the shades of the adobe clay are topped with gleaming rough nuggets of iron pyrite, like the mica that turned the ancient walls of the village into the mythical cities of gold. Earrings are strung on filament-thin but sturdy sterling silver wire and hang 2.5″ long, excluding wires (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji. Earrings coordinate with Adobe Rose necklace and Red Clay and Gold Dust coil bracelet. From the Earth series in Wings’s new collection, The Autumn Elementals (all pieces shown below).

Sterling silver; iron pyrite; Red Creek jasper; Dolomite; fire agate; sunstone
$175 + shipping, handling, and insurance











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