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“Messenger” Anticlastic Cuff Bracelet. $1,025. SOLD.

Messenger Cuff Front 2 Resized

Hawk is a messenger: He flies on powerful wings across the thresholds between worlds; his feathers carry our prayers to Spirit. Wings has captured the raptor’s own spirit in this gracefully contoured anticlastic cuff, hand-wrought in the shape of the great bird’s own feather. It shaft is a line of matched thunderhead symbols, spokes reaching outward to cardinal and ordinal directions, tracing the middle of the band at its lowest point. On one side of the midpoint rests a tiny chatoyant tiger’s eye, the view from the vantage point of those of us bound to earth. At the center, a great blue and gold hawk’s eye cabochon, bezel-set and trimmed in twisted silver, symbolizes the power of the view from above. Band is 1.25″ wide; hawk’s eye cabochon is one inch across (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; hawk’s eye; tiger’s eye
$1,025 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Top view, showing hawk’s eye chatoyance:

Messenger Cuff Top 2 Resized


Ends of cuff and inner band:

Messenger Inner Band Resized










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