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Longhair Katsina. $585. SOLD.

DSCN5398 (3)

Master carver Josh Aragon (Hopi/Laguna) coaxes the Longhair from this slender piece of cottonwood root.  Carved in the traditional fashion, the katsina is hand-carved and then hand-painted with a variety of natural dyes, in patterns reflecting his role in Pueblo life as the Bringer of Rain.  His blanket tells a story of daily life, with thunderheads scudding across the sky over the traditional Pueblo home, pine ladder propped against one wall.  Stands 13.75″ from bottom of base to tip of feather (dimensions approximate).  Reverse shown below, followed by a close-up of the detailed artwork on the blanket.

Cottonwood root; natural-dye paints
$585 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply

Back View:

DSCN5403 (3)

Close-Up of Detail:

DSCN5402 (3)

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