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Light Falls, Magic Rises

We were granted the gift of three small but steady rains yesterday, the first birthed in a hailstorm, the last punctuated by a rainbow. Last night was clear and mostly calm, and we had high hopes for this morning’s atmosphere.

It was not to be. The smoke returned this morning, and while nowhere near as thick as a couple of days ago, the day dawned warped in a pale haze of silvery light. It has cleared somewhat since, but for those of us with breathing issues, “somewhat” is nowhere near enough.

Still, the line between earth and sky stand out with far more clarity today than in many days past, and if we are lucky, sunset may bring us a return of last night’s moments of magic: an ethereal meeting of earth and sky at a horizon touched by light.

Last night, the moment came wrapped in shimmering gold, the storm’s passing giving way to warm shades of the rainbow. Today, a sky inhabited more by smoke plumes than stormclouds is likely to leave us with less fiery gold than silvered gray, but sunset should still be beautiful.

Here, even in time of drought, dusk is that moment when light falls, magic rises, and the horizon becomes a point of pure mystery, a line of visions and dreams.

It’s a perfect time for today’s featured work, one whose very form and shape summon this point’s magical spirit and borrow its name. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Horizon Cuff Bracelet

The horizon divides earth from sky, but does not interrupt the light. Wings pays tribute to all three cosmic spirits with this hand-milled sterling silver cuff. The band is twelve-gauge silver, solid and substantial but not heavy, filed and buffed to a silky smooth finish on the underside. Across the top, the silver is coaxed into sharp relief in a single “horizon” line that runs its entire length, just slightly off-center: broader expanse of silvered sky above, a more slender slice of shimmering earth below, all polished to a glowing mirror-like finish. Cuff is 6-1/4″ long by 5/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance

This is one of Wings’s simplest works, bare of ornamentation save its spare and subtle shaping. Like its namesake, that’s where its beauty lies, and its spirit, too.

For the horizon is not merely the point where earth and sky meet, where light falls and magic rises. It is also a place that catches, holds, and delivers to us the day’s final gift before dark.

~ Aji








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