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Large Traditional Pueblo Drum. $495. SOLD.

Large Traditional Pueblo Drum 2 Resized

A Pueblo drum gives voice to the heartbeat of the land. Master drum maker Lee Lujan (Taos Pueblo) created this large traditional upright drum from a length of cottonwood trunk, a whole and unbroken circle of old wood. He stretched tanned rawhide over top and bottom to create a dual-sided instrument with spectacular resonance, then hand-laced both covers together across the drum’s circumference using sturdy sinew. Once the drum was bound together, he used the remaining lace to create one handle on each side, top and bottom, by spiraling the sinew tightly together in an arc and then tying it off at either end. Another small length of sinew forms a loop at one handle to hold the beater, a rough-hewn length of wood chosen for balance, pads one end, and wraps it in buttery soft white deerhide. Drum stands 21.5″ high by 18.25″ across at its widest point. Another view shown below.

Cottonwood; rawhide; sinew; deerhide
$495 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Note: Size and weight require special handling; extra shipping charges apply





Large Traditional Pueblo Drum 1 Resized







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