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“Lake Spirit” Necklace. $2,000. SOLD.

Lake Spirit MLOTRG 2

Bodies of water are often sacred to indigenous peoples, who recognize that water is life. They are also often associated with distinctly female spirits. The latest entry in Wings’s signature series The Mona Lisa On the Rio Grande brings these two motifs together in one stunning piece in the form of a traditional Pueblo maiden. Her head is formed of an enormous oval cabochon of lapis lazuli in shades of blue ranging from cobalt to indigo. Her tablita headdress, hand-cut of sterling silver, bears traditional symbols on front and back. On the front are celestial patterns of day and night, edged with signs of the dawn sunrise and paired with the guiding stars of the night sky. On the reverse, a cloud of rain-bearing thunderheads pointed to cardinal and ordinal directions rests at the center of the bezel; above at either side of the setting are matched hand-coiled copper spirals, symbols of The Eternal. The pendant hangs from a strand of heavy, highly polished antique sterling silver beads. The cabochon is 1.5″ across, exclusive of bezel; the setting is 2-15/16″ wide by 1-7/8″ high; the strand of beads is 19″ long (dimensions approximate). Reverse and close-up views shown below.

Sterling silver; antique sterling silver beads; lapis lazuli
$2,000 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Lake Spirit MLOTRG Back Resized



Lake Spirit MLOTRG Front Close-Up Resized






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