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“Kindling” Earrings. $155. SOLD

A winter’s fire requires the best kindling, dry and pitchy, rich and ready to burn. With these gorgeous gemstone bead earrings, Wings evokes these slender strands of local wood, resinous, beautifully fragrant, and ready to burst into flame. At the center of each sits a pale and beautifully marbled orb of fossilized coral, manifest in earthy, woodsy golden hues. Each is flanked, top and bottom, by hand-cut rondels of ultra-high-grade peach moonstone, shimmering and chatoyant, like fire seen through ice, each separated by a tiny iridescent glass bead radiant fiery yellow and orange shades. Anchoring either end of each dangling drop is a smaller sphere of high-grade fire agate, marbled and crackling with flame. Earrings are strung on impossibly slender strands of sterling silver round wire and hang from sterling silver earrings wires. Each earring hangs 2.5″ long, excluding sterling silver earring wires (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji. Earrings coordinate with Embers necklace and Bonfire coil bracelet.

Sterling silver; fossilized coral; peach moonstone; iridescent glass beads; fire agate
$155 + shipping, handling, and insurance







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