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“Indigo Rain” Earrings. $495. SOLD.

Indigo Rain Earrings 2

In the starlit hours of dusk and dawn, the storm brings the magic of indigo rain. Such mysterious precipitation finds expression in Wings’s earrings, bold sterling silver teardrops centered by a matched pair of freeform cabochons of sparkling lapis lazuli, each held fast in the embrace of a saw-toothed bezel. The stones are flat and smooth as the surface of a still lake, their blue deeper still, with faints gradients of indigo, cobalt, and violet. Each stone glimmers with delicate but brilliant flecks of gold and silver pyrite matrix, like a thousand shimmering stars reflected in the rain. The silver settings are polished to a mirror sheen, the better to catch the light; hand-drilled holes let them dance at the ends of sterling silver wires. Earrings hang 1.25″ long by 1″ across at the widest point (excluding wires); cabochons are .75″ long by .25″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; lapis lazuli
$495 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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