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“Indigenous Hearts” Earrings. $675.

Indigenous Hearts

In our way, our love for all that is springs straight from our indigenous hearts. Wings honors the unique qualities of our hearts, both literal and metaphorical, with a pair of stunning earrings in the colors of our people: each drop as bold and brave as a warrior’s heart, as red as our collective spirit. They begin with a pair of truly spectacular cabochons of apple coral, the dust of endangered coral beads out to the flame to emerge in a mesmerizing whirl of crimson and amber, copper and bronze. Each stone is set into a scalloped sterling silver bezel atop a backing that extends, at the upper end, into a stylized heart cut freehand to serve as the bail for each pendant. The settings are edged in delicate twisted silver, and via the tiny heart-shaped bails, hang from sterling silver wires. Each earring hangs a full 1.5″ long (excluding wires) by 1-7/16″ across; each cabochon is 1/38″ long by 1.25″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; apple coral
$675 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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