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In the Web of Warmer Winds

Indian Summer Dreams Cuff Bracelet Top View

Two days ago, we had snow. Yesterday morning, it was nineteen degrees; this morning, it was twenty-five.

This afternoon, the mercury hit seventy.

Indian Summer is not done with us yet.

Climate change is weaving a web of uncertainty, wrapping our world in a blanket hemmed by unpredictability, fringed by outright catastrophe. And yet . . . .

And yet, once in a while, Mother Earth and her spirits still manage a gift — whether because of it, in spite of it, or both at once. And today, she wrapped us gently in the web of warmer winds.

It was a welcome throwback, certainly. As much as we both love fall and winter, it’s always a shock to the system when the first truly hard freeze of the year arrives. When the dawn grass crunches and snaps beneath your feet, when the air’s icy edge delivers numbness to your fingertips, it’s a relief, come the afternoon sun, the need to change from thermals and boots into short sleeves and sandals, even if only for a few hours out of a single day.

For us today, it has been a reminder, in an especially pointed way, of the spirits’ love for us, of the love of Mother Earth herself in the face of all the pain humanity has inflicted upon her. It’s a reminder, too, of the interconnectedness of all things: After all, Grandmother Spider’s gift of her web may be used not only to guard our dreams but to hold us fast together, within culture and clan and community, and beyond as well.

So it seems a perfect time to feature one of Wings’s recent works, one manifest in its own natural web, but also embodying the motifs of the love the spirits. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Indian Summer Dreams Cuff Bracelet Side 2

Indian Summer Dreams Cuff Bracelet

Before the snow flies, spirits of earth and sky dream Indian Summer dreams. Wings honors these visions and the spirits who dream them with his newest masterwork, a piece conceived in the deep symbolism of tradition and executed with 21st-Century élan. The focal point is a large, beautifully spiderwebbed rectangular cabochon of ultra-high-grade Black-Web Kingman turquoise, a robin’s-egg Skystone tightly matrixed with complex black chert webbing. It rests in a saw-toothed bezel, elevated atop the center of an exceptional hand-made band, flanked on either side by three separate rows of hand-stamped arrowhead symbols pointing down either side of the cuff, each stamped individually via more than one hundred separate strikes of the jeweler’s hammer. This edging is flanked on either side by a pair of lodge symbols, their apices pointed toward paired inverted sunrise symbols motifs that form an embrasure down the remainder of each side of the band. In the center of these rays of silvery light are the dreams and dreamers: a trio of late-summer butterflies alternating with the flowing waters of seasonal rains, all cascading downward to paired blossoms holding a heart at their center. Together, they bring a reminder that summer returns, life renews, and love outlasts all. The band is 1-1/16″ across; the cabochon is 1″ long by 13/16″ of an inch across (dimensions approximate). Other views shown above and below.

Sterling silver; ultra-high-grade Black Web Kingman turquoise
$1,750 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Indian Summer Dreams Cuff Bracelet Elevated Side View

It’s a stunning work, one wrought explicitly to speak to themes of love and abundance, to renewed days and seasons and life itself. On this day, when the butterflies danced through the last light of Indian Summer, it was a gift to know that, even with winter around the corner, for this day we were held safe in the web of warmer winds.

~ Aji







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