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In the Light of a Newborn Sun

I was blessed to be awake and out of doors this day at moment of the dawn, a chrysalis sun emerging from its cocoon of gray clouds to spread its wings across the sky.

It is cold, and there is the scent of snow upon the air.

Now, as bright tendrils spread between the bands of cloud to push back what the remnants of the night, it occurs to me that is likely the last day of the extended Indian summer, the last day in we shall see the smaller and more literal butterflies. There are still a few brave and hardy species here, mostly sulphurs, although last week brought us one final visit from the last mourning cloak, and another four days ago from one whose more usual home is much farther away than than anyplace on this land mass.

It’s always a bit bittersweet, this knowledge that such small spirits are departing for the better part of another year — but in this year, especially, there is also a starkly perceptible undercurrent of welcome relief, too. The land needs winter — now, more than ever

It appears that winter has indeed decided to pay us an early visit, and not a moment too soon. As the fire at the southern ridgeline rages out of control, still at zero percent containment after a week of spread, the forecast at last holds out the very real possibility of a genuine winter storm. Projections are for it to begin tomorrow with desperately needed rain, then turn to snow overnight and throughout Monday.

But when I walked out of doors at dawn, I could smell rain in the air . . . or so I thought at first. It’s been so long since we’ve had anything like it, it took me a moment to realize that the scent was not of rain, but of its colder crystalline sibling, snow.

But despite the cold, or perhaps in this case because of it, the morning light outside the window is still spreading across the sky like wings glowing in the cold wintry air. And it reminds me, as the days grow short now, that this is a gift we are granted daily, anew: to live each day in the light of a newborn sun.

It’s a gift manifest in today’s featured work, a pair of earrings that has long been one of my personal favorites, both for the bold dancing design generally and for the fiery amber glow at the centers. From their description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Chrysalis Sun Earrings

Dawn takes flight on silver wings, bearing the orb of a chrysalis sun. Wings summons the sun and the transformative spirit of the day with these butterfly earrings, newly emerged from the cocoon of night. Each drop drifts gently from side to side, its flared top and bottom adance in sharp relief. At the center of the wings sits a tiny amber orb, each cabochon as timeless as the light and glowing with its own cosmic fire, each set in the cool, secure embrace of a plain, low-profile bezel. Earrings hang 1-3/8″ long by 1″ across at the widest point; amber cabochons are 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; amber
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance

There are stories as old as this land that tell us of the need, in winter, to sing Father Sun across the sky, that it is our prayers and our love and our voices that give him strength to warm these short cold days. It’s a dauntingly beautiful thought, one that, as our ancestors have always known, puts the responsibility of caring for our world, even in the hard times, squarely upon our collective shoulders.

It’s a lesson the colonial world could do with learning now, for as powerful and strong as this ancient Earth is, she is not invincible, and it is human activity that is killing her. It would help to see our world in terms of its vulnerabilities now, instead of as an ever-present resource to be exploited.

And such a shift in perspective begins with the dawn of each new day, recognizing that we are blessed to live in the light of a newborn sun.

~ Aji








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