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“In Sacred Space” Miniature Wedding Vase. $550. SOLD.

In Sacred Space Miniature Wedding Vase

Sacred space can be structural, bounded by the corners of lodge or kiva. It can also be metaphorical, a state of being, whether within one’s own spirit or shared with another through the bonds of marriage. Wings honors all of these forms of sacred space with this tribute to one of the Pueblo’s ancient traditions: the wedding vase. Its body, or bowl, is ringed, top and bottom, with a matching embrasure of hand-stamped symbols weighted with meaning:  Viewed point down, they represent thunderheads, symbols of the rain, of fertility and prosperity and abundance in a land where water is life. Viewed point up, they evoke an ancient pattern known as the kiva steps, a representation of the entry to the most sacred of spaces. Here, the two rings of symbols meet at the bowl’s midpoint, creating a continual mirror image. On the underside, an eight-pointed star surrounds Wings’s hallmark, its rays reaching to the cardinal and ordinal sacred directions. The vase’s traditional twin spouts are set into the bowl and joined together by a handle of sterling silver wire stamped in a flowering motif. Spouts and bowl are hollow, permitting the vase to hold water like its real-life counterpart. Wedding vase stands a total of 2-3/8 inches high by 1-3/4 inches across at the bowl’s widest point (dimensions approximate). View of underside shown below.

Sterling silver
$550 + shipping, handling, and insurance


In Sacred Space Miniature Wedding Vase Underside








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