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Ice Born of Fire


Yesterday, we had reports of a fire not far south of here — only a couple acres, not enough to cause much damage, but enough to send a pale haze of smoke drifting northward to surround us here.

Yesterday, we also had ice: hailstones, hard and powerful, pelting a hot earth amid a rush of cold rain, a product of the whirlwind weather of our summer monsoon season.

In combination, they might perhaps have been better suited to today’s featured work, but today we were granted the smoke, if the not the fire; the cold rain, if not the colder ice. Our days here at this time of year are a reminder that this is a season of oppositional elements and elemental oppositions. In other words, a perfect time to relearn the lessons of today’s featured work. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Fire and Ice Cuff Bracelet

In the interstices inhabited by the elemental powers, Spirit catalyzes fire and ice, bringing them to life in our world, their full strength and power yet held back: a reminder that if we are careful, we may use their gifts rather than be consumed by them. Here, Spirit’s Eye traces the length of the band of this heavy-gauge cuff, accented on all sides by traditional symbols. At the center, two fiery garnet cabochons flank three larger oval stones: snowflake obsidian, representations of ice born naturally of the union of earth and heat and flame. Companion piece to the Fire and Ice solitaire ring in the Rings Gallery.

Sterling silver; snowflake obsidian; garnet
$725 + shipping, handling, and insurance

People know well the dangers of the winter months. In summer the risks are not so obvious, but they can be just as deadly — and twice as sudden. Our whole world here can change in less than the beat of a bird’s wing, hot arid earth suddenly roiling with the flash-floodwaters of a cloudburst, bodies and buildings alike battered by hail and high winds. the mercury can swing twenty degrees in a matter of moments; all it takes is for one thunderhead to move to hide the face of a fiery sun.

Today, humanity likes to think that it has conquered Nature, that we live no longer at the whims of the winds and storm. We would be wrong.

In this place, the natural teaches us daily of humility, of vulnerability, of the need to understand the ways of the elemental forces even as we learn respect for their powers. In this season, we are reminded that for balance, extremes are required: as heat and cold, fire and water, meld to midwife the storm.

In this way, is ice born of fire, and the elements, once polarized, combine to deliver balance once again.

~ Aji






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