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“Heart of the Sun” Earrings. $625. SOLD.

Heart of the Sun Earrings Resized

From the heart of the sun shines the autumn light, a fiery expression of the world’s love. Wings honors love and light alike with his newest work, a pair of flame-colored earrings that glow like the season’s own sun. Each earring is anchored at the top with a round amber cabochon, blazing with fall color. Immediately beneath each, a brilliant red heart hangs suspended in mid-air, flame-red apple coral as glossy as glass and aswirl with mysterious metallic wisps and whorls in gold and copper shades. Each stone is set in its own bezel, but each pair rests upon a single sterling silver setting, all of a piece, suspended from delicate silver wires. Earrings hang 1.5″ in overall length (excluding wires); amber cabs are 5/8″ round; Apple coral heart cabs are 1-1/8″ long by 1″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; amber; apple coral.
$625 + shipping, handling, and insurance







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