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Greeting the World.

Greeting the World


Out of the fragile walls of the shell, the small feathered ones leave the safety of their first cocoon for another.

Larger, open, airy, with room to stretch and move . . . yet that little bit less safe than the egg’s closed universe.

Still not ready to spread tiny wings, they rest in a world of twig and mud and horsehair, outsized beaks upturned to the sky, waiting for the sustenance that arrives like magic on larger wings.

Soon it will be time to lift their own wings and test the currents, but emergence is a journey — of body, mind, and spirit — not a single heedless headlong leap.

And so for today, arising from the nest floor, lifting their faces to the sky, greeting the world . . . these are journey enough.

Ships signed and matted in a wood frame
$625 + $100 shipping, handling, and insurance



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