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“Great River Spirit” Necklace. $2,000. SOLD.

A Great River Spirit flows through this land, fed by tributaries and in turn feeding the earth and her children who depend on her waters for survival. With this latest entry in his signature series, The Mona Lisa On the Rio Grande, Wings honors the very spirit who helped to give the series its name: El Río Grandé, The Great River, a powerful and fast-flowing ribbon of medicine whose real name is far older than either colonial language by which it is commonly known. As always, this Indigeous Mona Lisa is a Maiden, dressed in traditional regalia that includes the heavy tablita headdress. Here, she dances in one formed of solid sterling silver, cut freehand with a jeweler’s saw and scored and stamped freehand, too, edged with an elegant border containing directional arrows that face each other, suggesting that cyclical nature of the lifeblood that flows within. Inside that edgework flows the river itself, wrought in stampwork and silver: paired tributaries, formed by Wings’s own hand-made stamps, stretching from the upper arc above the focal stone toward each corner, feeding into the flow of the waves that ripple around them on all sides, shimmering in the light of the high-desert sun and the moon. The focal cabochon, bezel-set and trimmed with twisted silver, is set just below the open arc, saw-cut ajouré-style; the stone is an extraordinary and outsized specimen of agatized chrysocolla in malachite, the blues of the former flowing and merging with the greens of the latter, like the headwaters of the river itself finding common cause and spirit with the Río Pueblo and other tributaries that give it life daily. The bail is simple, lightly flared and stamped by hand, front and back, in a traditional eight-pointed star that evokes the navigation properties of the mariner’s compass; on the pendant’s reverse, a Morning Star is overlaid for guidance, next to a secondary overlay of the river’s own heart. This spectacular piece of slverwork ad stone hangs suspended from a cascade of ultra-high grade beads: at center, rainbow moonstone flanked by faceted aquamarine and apatite, extending upward on either side into rainbow moonstone accents followed by large old beads of natural chrysocolla, deeply hued and richly textured; graduated rounds of glowing apatite, rich spiderweb turquoise in two sizes, and malachite cubes alternate with sterling silver beads, smooth rounds and diamond-cut miniatures. The pendant is 1-7/8″ across; it hangs 3-3/8″ long with bail, 3″ long without. The bail itself is 9/16″ across at the widest point and 3/4″ long, ending below the top of the pendant. The focal is 1-15/16″ across, including bezel and trim, by 1-1/2″ high; the cabochon is 1-3/4″ across by 1-1/4″ high; and the bead strand hangs 24″ long, excluding findings (all dimensions approximate). Close-up, reverse, and another full view shown below.

Pendant:  Sterling silver; agatized chrysocolla in malachite
Beads:  Chrystocolla; rainbow moonstone; apatite; aquamarine; spiderweb turquoise; malachite

$2,000 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Close-up of pendant:




Full view:







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