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“From the Waters” Ring. $525. SOLD.

From the Waters Ring Top View

Some of the old stories tell how our earth emerged from the waters, and the people with it. With this ring, Wings has crafted an image in miniature of Turtle Island, amidst other land masses, arising with its own seas out of the shimmering silver waters of the underworld. The ring is formed of a single wide band of solid sterling silver, hand-texturized by hundreds of strikes of a jeweler’s hammer, with a lip as slender as a silver thread raised at either edge. At the center, set in a spare low-profile bezel, rests a stunning round cabochon of spiderweb turquoise (likely from the Royston or Fox mining districts of Nevada), blues a mix of robin’s-egg and sky, with twin matrices of mossy green patches and fine inky purple spiderwebbing, evoking the continents rising from the seas in a massive tectonic shift. The band is a half-inch wide; the cabochon is 7/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Side and underside views shown below.

Sterling silver; blue-green turquoise (likely Royston or Fox)
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side view one:

From the Waters Ring Side 1



From the Waters Ring Back


Side view two:

From the Waters Ring Side 2














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