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From the Heart of the Earth and Its Spirits

Two days of rain in relatively small amounts — enough to soak in; not enough to run off — and the land is alive again.

In truth, though, it was never otherwise; Wings and I were talking just this morning about how green our world here had already grown despite the ongoing drought. Part of it is the local flora, trees and shrubs, wildflowers and medicinal plants, well-suited to an arid climate. Part of it, on our own land, at least, is a sudden recent rerouting of the groundwater, inexplicable yet most definitely here, that is keeping the soil moist only three feet below the surface.

Part of it is perhaps pure luck, or what we might call the favor of the spirits.

There are exceptions, of course: Both lawn and fields are filled with brown patches, and, not having been irrigated, the hay remains low and relatively sparse. Now that we are down to two horses, neither of which especially needs an abundance of rich alfalfa, this may not be precisely a blessing, but it’s no curse, either, nor even any particular hardship.

The small spirits of summer have arrived in some force with these new monsoonal weather patterns, too: three or four species of hummingbird; several types of dragonflies; regular appearances by the mourning cloaks and, two Sundays ago, our first visit by a swallowtail butterfly. In addition to these, other beings that are not normally resident this time of year have decided either to stay or to return; the entire grosbeak clan has set up housekeeping, and so too, for perhaps the first time ever at this season, have the piñon jays. Yesterday, what appeared to be an orange-crowned warbler put in a first appearance, and by “first,” I mean ever: Neither of us has, to our knowledge, ever seen one here before. Last week, a bull snake joined us for a day, spending most of it sharing space with the chickens beneath their coop.

This drought is an exceptionally dangerous one, and yet, the land here is so alive, so thriving, that creatures of all sorts gravitate to this place, secure in the knowledge that there will be food, water, sanctuary. Wings has created what, in other lands, would be called an oasis, a place of safety and abundance that grows directly from the heart of the earth and its spirits.

In other words, today’s featured work was made for this day. From its description in the Necklaces Gallery here on the site:

From the Heart of the Earth Necklace

From the heart of the earth our whole world grows. Wings pays tribute to this evolutionary process with this necklace, a cross that is not a cross, but the embodiment of elemental forces and nurturing spirits. The pendant’s form is a very old design, one that circumvented colonial insistence on Christianity by appearing to adopt its four-spoked shape — and then adding an extra bar and a curving end to produce the form of a much older spirit: that of Dragonfly, a pollinator, a messenger, a symbol of romantic love and life’s abundance. Here, Wings has honored another old adaptation of the style, turning the curved tail at the base of the lowest spoke into a stylized heart. Above the heart, the pendant extends upward and outward to the Four Sacred Directions, each of the remaining five spokes stamped with a single thunderhead symbol pointing inward toward the center, a sign of the rain that keeps our Earth herself alive. Above the top spoke, the hand-made bail flowers into a lush green peridot; at the base in the center of the heart, the place of emergence, two tiny hand-stamped flowers are wedded into the form of a butterfly, a small spirit rising from its own place of emergence to continue the processes of pollination and prosperity. The cross is made of solid fourteen-gauge silver, and hangs 2-5/8″, the bail 3/4″ (the pendant is 3-3/8″ in total length; 1-1/8″ across at the widest point); the stone is 3/8″ long; the pendant hangs from an 18″ sterling silver snake chain (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; peridot
$1,150 + shipping, handling, and insurance

It’s a work that was made, too, for this time, and for this place. Hearts, butterflies, greenery: It has it all, and so does our small world. Even the Sacred Directions put in regular appearances, no matter how much we might otherwise take their existence for granted; it’s hard to miss them when the winds spiral inward from all corners at the leading edge of the storm.

Today’s forecast predicts only a 20% chance of rain. That’s what it said yesterday and Monday, too. But even now, the clouds amass on all sides, and the wind rises, although the sun remains warm and bright. If it is supplanted, even briefly, by a little more rain, that would be welcome, too.

For now, we give thanks for what we have been given thus far, and for the nearly indescribable beauty of this particular day. It flows upward from the heart of the earth, and from its spirits, emerging to embrace us all.

~ Aji












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