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“From a Nearer Sun” Earrings. $155. SOLD.

A warming world is renewed in the light from a nearer sun. With these gemstone bead earrings, Wings gathers a lengthening golden light amid the greens and grays and blues of earth and storm and sky. Each drop is centered around a bold and chunky focal bead of luminous gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell, long bright bricks of pure sunlight. Flanking these golden centers are small jade rounds in the color of new grass; shimmering green-gray Labradorite barrels in the shades of the spring storm; and richly marbled lapis lazuli rounds like cloud-swept skies. Earrings are strung on sterling silver wire and hang from sterling silver earring wires; each hangs 2.25″ long, excluding wires (dimensions approximate).  Designed jointly by Wings and Aji; earrings coordinate with Shades of an Early Storm necklace and Warming Winds coil bracelet.

Sterling silver wire; gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell; jade; green Labradorite; lapis lazuli
$155 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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