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Framed Pencil Drawing of Traditional Pueblo Woman. $450.

Rain Leaf Native Woman

Frank Rain Leaf, one of Taos Pueblo’s master visual artists, pays tribute to the old ways with this pencil portrait of a Pueblo woman in her finest traditional dress. The detail is outstanding: In addition to capturing the bone structure and features for which his people are known, his portrayal of the smallest, finest points of their sartorial tradition are breathtaking. In Frank’s conceptualization, she wears he hair the old way, in two long, wrapped braids adorned with bits of shell and an eagle plume on the side; her dress is accented with fine beadwork and fringe and held by a traditional concha belt that courses down the front in a gradient of sizes. Symbols now generally known as medicine wheels adorn both dress and the traditional blanket draped from her shoulders and hanging just above the beaded moccasins on her feet. The work is set in shadowbox matting in turquoise and gray and edged in a black wooden frame. Frame size is 22.25 inches high by 13-7/8 inches wide (dimensions approximate). Companion piece to Frank’s pencil portrait of a traditional Pueblo man, here.

Pencil on paper; heavy cardboard matting; wooden frame; glass cover
$450 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Note: Size and fragility require special handling; extra shipping charges apply







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