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“Forces of Nature” Necklace. $825. SOLD.

Staurolite on Lapis Malachite Copper Beads 072614

The forces of Nature are all around us, within us ready to share their power. Sometimes, though, we need a reminder. Keep that knowledge close to your heart with this staurolite pendant, formed naturally and given up by the local earth, now resting gently in a sterling silver bezel custom-made to hold this particular stone.  The hand-made bail hangs from a 19″ strand of beads evoking elements of wanter and earth, air and fire: azurite and malachite; chocolate-matrix green Royston turquoise; and copper-colored trade-style beads, all hand-strung over sterling silver chain. The back of the bezel is hand-stamped with arrows placed at The Four Sacred Directions, all pointing inward toward a central sun symbol.

Sterling silver; staurolite; azurite and malachite beads; Royston turquoise beads; trade-style beads
$825 + shipping, handling, and insurance



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