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“For the Elders” Coil Bracelet. $325.

Indigenous cultures are built upon respect for the elders, for the wisdom and experience acquired over the course of a life well lived. With this coil, Wings pays tribute to the central role they play in our traditions, and to the lifeways that insist upon their honoring, in the materials and shapes and shades of our peoples and our ancient spirits. Each end is anchored by doughnut-shaped rondels of marbled and mottled fossilized dinosaur bone, extending into glossy lengths of fiery deep garnet, the deepest of the reds. Separating dark red from light is a strand of round opaque onyx orbs, followed by the dusky rose hues of rhodochrosite nuggets. The pale reds give way to the black and white of fire and ice, snowflake obsidian spheres, each melding with freeform nuggets of Mediterranean coral in perfect flame-red crimson. The reds of the water spirits in turns flank a center strand of ancient earth,fire from below rising into the air to cool into basaltic lava rock, thence to become ovaled barrel beads formed of that most ancient of elders, Mother Earth. Designed jointly by Wings and Aji.

Memory wire; fossilized dinosaur bone; garnet; onyx; rhodochrosite; snowflake obsidian; Mediterranean coral; basaltic lava rock
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