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“First Snow” Earrings. $175. SOLD.

In this place, the first snow is also the first real water of the season, and very nearly always a feature of the middle of autumn: sudden, heavy, and gone just as rapidly. Wings draws down the snow from a mid-fall sky with these earrings formed of layers of stacked jewels strung on lightweight sterling silver round wire. At the bottom rests the stubborn green of the high-desert grass, dusky now but still standing strong, leading upwards toward earthy rounds of rich Dolomite, shades of gold and red and bronze like leaves whirling amid the snow. Tiny round diamond-cut sterling silver beads serve as separators, linking them to the center orbs of rich, chatoyant kyanite, blues like a darkened earth spinning in the night and flanked by icy faceted rondels of aquamarine. More diamond-cut silver flanks the rainbow moonstone orbs above, giant snowy moons that foretell the winter to come; at the very top rests a layer of snow by way of single freeform nuggety disc beads of bright white rainbow moonstone with patchy bits of earthy schorl matrix. Earrings hang 2-1/4″ long, excluding sterling silver wires (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji. Earrings coordinate with A Hard Frost necklace and A Rain of Spirits coil bracelet. From the Water series in Wings’s new collection, The Autumn Elementals (all pieces shown below).

Sterling silver; rainbow moonstone; aquamarine; kyanite;
Dolomite; African jade; diamond-cut sterling silver

$175 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Full set:









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