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“Firefly Glow” Ring. $325. SOLD.

Firefly glow is the light of a summer’s night, a shimmering dance of luminescent greens and golds and an occasional spark of fiery red. With this solitaire set with electric jade, Wings captures the glow while letting the subject spirit fly free to light another night. The bezel is set against a slightly-extended backing that follows the stone’s round edge, and holds in its embrace a highly domed cabochon of luminous green jade, a perfect deep, grassy green speckled here and there with deeper shades, capable of channeling natural light to extraordinary effect. It sits atop a band formed of solid sterling silver pattern wire, this design a three-dimensional half-round form edged at either side with a chiseled border pattern reminiscent of beads of light. The band is 3/16″ across; the bezel backing is 1/2″ across; the jade cabochon is 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; jade
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Side 1:


Side 2:


Underside of band:








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