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“Feathered Skies” Cuff Bracelet. $1,100.

Feathered skies are a bit of heavenly magic: a turquoise expanse aflutter with mares-tail clouds like the down of the feathers that send our own prayers skyward. Wings catches the blue and the clouds and the feathers,  too, and braids them together in this cuff bracelet in electric blues and greens and shimmering silver. The band is hand-milled in a random, repeating feather pattern, down plumes racing across the arc of the light. Across the top stretch five square Skystone cabochons, bezel-set and arranged in a graduated pattern: one large brilliant blue-green square at the center, high-set and aswirl in shades of golden and coppery matrix; on either side, a somewhat smaller pair of squares of rich teal with a mysterious black chert matrix, and all three flanked at either end with small squares of what are likely Bisbee green turquoise, a rich seafoam shade with hints of blue speckled with a tiny coppery siltstone matrix. The inner band features gracefully scalloped stampwork in a repeating flowing-water design along either edge. Band is 6″ long by 1″ across; large focal cabochon is 5/8″ across; medium cabs are 1/2″ across; and small end cabs 38″ across (dimensions approximate). Side view shown below.

Sterling silver; indigo and teal-green turquoise (probably Turquoise Mountain, Cloud Mountain, and Bisbee, respectively)
$1,100 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Side view:








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