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Oriole With Caterpillar Resized


Providing for the next generation is a daily task, an obligation, hard work, an existential duty. Sometimes, Spirit provides an unexpected bounty. The feathered ones know instinctively; they take a moment to rest and savor their good fortune.

If we are watchful and aware, we may be permitted a moment to enjoy it with them. What nourishes their small bodies nourishes our senses and spirits: the sight of a watchful father, robes gleaming fire-orange in the brilliant sun, amidst the green and gray of the aspen and against a backdrop of clearest blue sky, a caterpillar the color of new grass held firmly in his beak, a natural gift of food for the children Spirit has entrusted to his care.

It’s a duty as sacred as the gathering of food itself: the feed, the feast, the celebration with family, a tangible thanksgiving for the blessings of Spirit.

Ships signed and matted in a wood frame
$625 + $100 shipping, handling, and insurance

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