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“Fan Shell Sky” Cuff Bracelet. $3,200. SOLD.

Fan Shell Sky Cuff Top

At Taos Pueblo, the turquoise sky fans out overhead like a heavenly shell, stretching to the corners of the world above above an arc of silver light. Wings captures its ethereal beauty and celestial dance in a masterwork that evokes the very old, classic, traditional style if his ancestors, reimagined for a new day. The cuff begins with heavy fourteen-gauge silver, solid and substantial. He scored it freehand into ten separate rows, evoking both the Pueblo’s otherworldly light and the silvery rains that sustain it. He then chose a magnificent spiderweb turquoise cabochon of incredible size, a stone from the Cloud Mountain Mine of China’s Hubei District, which produces stone of a beauty and quality to rival that of America’s best mines. He turned the fan-shaped cabochon on its side and set it in a scalloped bezel, accented on one angled side by a single tiny piece of the Arizona sky, bright blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise. He then inserted a tiny columnar tube of sterling silver atop the cuff to create a slightly elevated mounting and and set the bezel atop it, giving it just enough clearance to permit easy and safe adjustment of the band. The band itself is 1-3/8″ inches across; the focal cabochon is 1.75″ at its longest point by 1-3/8″ across at its widest point; the accent cab is 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; Cloud Mountain turquoise; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$3,200 + shipping, handling, and insurance
Note: Insurance costs will be substantially higher for a work of this weight and value



Side view:

Fan Shell Sky Side A


Side view:

Fan Shell Sky Side B



Fan Shell Sky On Aji 2





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