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Faith In the Stars, Hope In the Sky

Today is Wings’s birthday. It is also, by coincidence, the birthday of The NDN Silver Blog: We launched it, and the revamped site, four years ago today. [The site itself has been up and running for nearly eleven years now.]

Given the importance of this day to us personally, I had hoped that we would awaken to skies clear enough to see the Day Star still shining brightly in the east, but it was not to be. The wind shifted over night, and our entire valley has been enveloped since sometime before dawn in a haze of gray smoke from the many raging wildfires in the broader region. What blue is visible is pale and wan, its usually brilliant color washed out by the suffocating heat and haze.

It is a hard day, too, for other reasons; one of our horses is down, and to describe her situation as touch and go is to understate the case severely. We spent most of yesterday working hard to save her, and today will be more of the same, interspersed with long stretches of wait-and-see.

All in all, it doesn’t feel much like a day for hope. On such days, we take life on faith, however thin and trembling it may be.

But that is the wonder of the spirits of our natural world: They are here, whether we can see them or not. They go about their work irrespective of whether humanity is able to perceive it.

That cuts both ways, of course: Not all such spirits and powers are benign, at least in their effects. That is more true than ever now, in these days of anthropogenic climate change, and we have no one but ourselves to blame for it. But our peoples have always known and respected the power of elemental spirits and cosmic forces, and that is more true now than ever.

And so, in our way, we take it on faith that, just as the Day Star was present behind the veil of smoke this morning, so, too, will the Evening Star rise to meet a descending Father Sun tonight. Grandmother Moon, now in red semi-profile will work its will upon the tides, the Earth will continue to turn on its axis as it follows the orbital path given to it. We have faith in the stars, hope in the sky, and the gift of their guidance and protection as we follow our own path through our days.

Today’s featured work has been slated for today for more than a week now. The lack of clear blue skies this morning at first made me think it would be a bit inapt . . . until I realized the lesson contained in it, one perfect for such a day as this. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

The Day Star Cuff Bracelet

The Day Star is a guiding and protective spirit, one to honor and thank for the gift of the new day and renewed light. Wings summons small versions of this powerful cosmic entity into being with his latest cuff bracelet. The band is wrought of twelve-gauge sterling silver, thick enough to feel solid and substantial, but not so heavy as to weight down the wrist. The top of the band is bisected by opposing rows of chased stampwork, the inner rows meeting at the center to form Eyes of Spirit enclosing shimmering dawn stars, a powerful composite symbol of wisdom, illumination, protection, and guidance that chase the entire length of the band. The motifs of protection are reinforced by the rows of stampwork at either edge, each its own different repeating pattern of a stylized lodge symbol. At the center, set in a plain, low-profile bezel, rests a rectangular of brilliant, intensely-blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise, the surface high and free-form, textured with an unusual degree of bold black matrix. The band is buffed to a shade or two off Florentine, like the subtle glow of the stars at dawn. Cuff is 6″ long by 5/16″ across; cabochon is 3/8″ high by 7/16″ across dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$725 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The Day Star, of course, is still present; we would not see it at this time of day anyway, no matter the clarity of the air, because the light of the sun renders it invisible. But it was present at the start of our day today, and it will be there tomorrow, as well.

And if this morning’s other events left hope in short supply, well, faith in hard work, in prayer, in the blessings of the spirits still has its place: Our horse is up on her feet, eating grass hay, drinking water, fighting hard to live. She has her own version of faith in the stars, hope in the sky, and the willingness to work for it.

If she can do it, so can we.

~ Aji








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