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“Dreams of Day and Night” Coil Bracelet. $325. SOLD.

Dreams of Day and Night Coil Bracelet

Our peoples know that wisdom resides in the souls of those who dream, and that those dreams are not bound by time or sleep. The greatest visionaries find wisdom and guidance in all hours and seasons, in dreams of day and night. With this coil bracelet, Wings pays tribute to their practice and the power it puts to use on behalf of the people. Short glossy barrel beads of black onyx, the color of the night sky, anchor either end, flowing inward through small spiderweb turquoise nuggets and larger doughnut rondel beads in the brilliant blue of the western sky at morning. Longer onyx barrel beads link the rondels to larger turquoise nuggets, the ice-to-indigo spectrum of the noonday heavens. at the center, a length of large roundish orbs of pure rainbow light, smoothly polished labradorite beads, rest in the embrace of more sunny amber. Together, they link all the hours of day and night in all the colors of air and light. Second in The Wisdom Collection of The Seventh Fire Series. Designed jointly by Wings and Aji.

Memory wire; labradorite; amber; blue turquoise; onyx
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance






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