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Dreams Adrift Upon a Summer Sky

The mercury neared one hundred yesterday, and still earth and wind were dry as ash and bone.

This morning, the graying bank to the west appears to have clouds mixed with the smoke of several wildfires. Small white puffs scud across the remainder of the hazy blue vault, like dreams adrift upon a summer sky. One fancies that they are held aloft, perhaps, by the faint trace of humidity scented on the air.

Today, our dreams are of rain.

And so for this day, we turn to two of Wings’s newest works, both rings built around that symbol of Southwest rain, the Skystone, both summoning the spirits of sky and season alike. The first reminds me of this day, of its freeform skies that shift and change with the winds. From its description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

Freeform Skies Ring

Our world is just orbicular enough to stay balanced on its axis, and in an infinite universe, we live beneath freeform skies. Wings brings them down to earth with this new ring, a solitaire both bold and bright. The wide band is cut freehand in his signature scalloped design, then hammered by hand with scored of delicate strikes by a jeweler’s hammer. The stone is spectacular, an old blue turquoise cabochon from his personal collection: free-form, lightly domed, an electric shade of sky blue spiderwebbed with indigo and emerald green matrix and bits of golden-ivory host rock. The stone most likely hails from Nevada’s Fox Mine (the old Cortez Mine) or the Royston District, and is set securely into a scalloped bezel. The band is 7/16″ wide at its widest point and 1/4″ wide at its narrowest point; the cabochon is 7/8″ long by 5/8″ across at its widest point (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Other views shown above and at the link.

Sterling silver; old natural blue turquoise (likely Fox or Royston)
$625 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Our heavens here are not misshapen, merely fiercely independent. What is bright blue overhead may be a fast-blackening violet seemingly only steps westward; that which cracks with webs of lightning over eastern peaks may bring bits delicate white backlit with silver directly to our door. In all seasons, the elements here are extreme, but in summer, their sense of caprice is at its most playful, and its most powerful . . . and in some ways, its most beautiful.

Of course, even now, not every day is marked by such ambivalence. The Solstice remains the better part of eight days off yet, and even the birth of “official” summer is no guarantee of a rainy season any longer; climate change is seeing to that in real time. Some days are still more like yesterday, all heat and wind and an astonishing aridity beneath the blue expanse of a clear summer sky.

It is such a day that is captured in the second of today’s featured works — another ring wrought in classic style, the clarity of its stone marked only by the faintest traces of matrix, like a perfect sky traced with only the palest feathers of cloud and gossamer strands of light. From its description in the same gallery:

Summer Sky Ring

Feathered clouds hold up the summer sky. Wings captures their magic in this new solitaire, a classic design in silver and Skystone. The wide sterling silver band is hand-milled in a subtle pattern reminiscent of the long feather-shaped clouds the arrive on warmer winds to dance beneath the heavens’ brilliant blue. At the top, a perfect square cabochon of robin’s-egg blue Kingman turquoise, lightly domed and beveled on the edges, rests in a plain low-profile bezel flanged at each corner. The band is 9/16″ across; the cabochon is 7/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Side view of band, with millwork visible shown below. Sizeable.

Sterling silver; Kingman turquoise
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance

In the just the last few moments, the clouds in the east have turned from feathers and puffs to towering thunderheads, impossibly white at the top above solid blue-black bases. They hold rain for the peaks, if not for us.

But perhaps the spirits will smile upon us today — perhaps the darkening bank in the west is not made entirely of smoke.

For now, our dreams are of rain . . . dreams adrift upon a summer sky.

~ Aji







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