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“Distant Suns” Earrings. $155. SOLD.

Earth and time are ruled by the fire of distant suns. Wings joins the fires of the warmer months to the cooler spheres of winter with these earrings, a graduated series of glowing orbs. Each drop is strung on sterling silver wire and hangs from sterling silver earring wires, and is anchored at the top by a large near sun in the glowing orange of the jewel that is its namesake. Beneath the anchor bead rests a slightly smaller but equally chatoyant sphere as rich and deep as the reddest of wines, then descending to paired spheres of golden pearlescence. Anchoring the bottom end are paired round dolomite suns in different shades: the first, hot fire; the second, marbled amber ice. Earrings hang 1.75″ long, excluding wires (dimensions approximate). Designed jointly by Wings and Aji. Part of The Standing Stones Collection. Coordinates with The Suns of Autumn necklace.

Sterling silver; sunstone; red tiger’s eye; gold-lip mother-of-pearl shell; dolomite 
$155 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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