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Days of Pure Light

One of the aspens is nearly bare, the drought having induced it to shed them three months prematurely. Such small amounts of rain as we have been granted since has fostered new life at the ends of its skeletal limbs, small patches of new green leaves scattered here and there like summer jewels on a spirit already dressed for winter.

Now, as the glow of a nascent sun begins to light the eastern sky behind it, an eddying wind moves through the branches, and the leaves spiral and dance in silhouette.

The sun rises in a different place now, an effect of time and season as we make our journey around its warmth. In the way of human perception, we see ourselves as the center of our cosmos, and so it appears to us that we live in the light of a rolling sun, revolving steadily about our world.

But even in our distorted manner of perceiving the world around us, the sun at this season reigns supreme. These are, more than any other, days of pure light.

It’s an apt moment, too, for today’s featured work, another in Wings’s tributes to traditional styles and old ways. From its description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

Rolling Sun Ring

A rolling sun travels across the sky each day, pinwheels of light illuminating the earth below. Wings summons its form and shape, motion and journey, in a classic vintage-style ring wrought in sterling silver ingot. The band is solid, substantial patterned wire, wide enough to hold a vaguely Mucha- like flowering design in a tradition straddling the Beaux-Arts and Art Deco periods. The face of the ring is classic ingot, melted, rolled, and hammered in the old traditional manner, edges rough-hewn yet filed smooth. A brilliant orb pinwheels across the surface, its rays fanning the light outward to the edges of the cosmos. Ring face is roughly 1″ across; band is .25″ across (dimensions approximate). View of ring face shown at top.

Sterling silver
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The sun has not yet crested the peaks, but the day has arrived on a soft glow of clear silvery light. The aspen leaves still shiver and dance in the spiraling wind of dawn, direction changing seemingly at will and whim.

The ravens are aloft, the magpies already busy at the feeder, and our small world comes slowly awake in the chill autumn air. It is the feast day, a time of harvest, and for us, another marker of loss, too. It is also the last day of this month, what feels like a boundary between Indian summer and the full presence of fall that will carry us inexorably into winter.

For now, it is enough to enjoy the clarity of the air, the beauty of the land, and these days of pure light.

~ Aji








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